Sunday, May 26, 2013


I came to Paris this spring to write. 

Prior to last week, I never exercised the discipline to write daily.  I never believed that getting something on paper was better than nothing.  I never believed there was a point in writing unless I felt my words were worthy to share.  In a week, everything has changed.

I am writing several hours a day and very close to meeting my Paris goal of five hours a day.  I am writing everywhere; at cafes, on park benches, the metro, my bed and even occasionally at my desk.  I am starting to become less worried about finding the perfect word or the perfect sentence.  I just want to write and it's becoming addictive.

Obviously I am inspired by Paris and I am lucky to have time to contemplate and observe.  For the first time in my writing life, I am seeing things with the view to describe them and the switch, however subtle, feels significant.  I have forced my brain to slow down and take the moments as they come.  

First sunset in Paris last night from the back of Champ du Mars.
 Today I did something I have never done in Paris before.  I stayed in - almost!  I had my morning  coffee and croissant at Le Petit Cler and then picked up a few necessities at my local Carrefour before coming home to research and write.  I also did laundry and cleaned the bathroom despite Chris' pleadings to not become too domesticated in Paris.

La vie est belle.

How to make yourself look like a Parisian...

Carry your paper-wrapped flowers from Cler Fleurs upside down, i.e. not like you just won the Miss American Pageant.  Carry them like an upside down triangle with the tops almost brushing the ground. 

Something I have never seen in Paris before...

A gentleman walked past me this morning with his Jack Russell Terrier.  Attached to its leash was an orange plastic bag full of merde.  C'est fantastique!


Sandy said...

Erin, I'm so glad your Paris writing dream is coming true for you. I am so enjoying reading your daily updates.
I can totally picture you in your "Paris uniform" carrying your flowers upside down, confidently striding home...not so slow that you could be mistaken for a tourist, but just a little slower than the locals so you can drink it all in.
Have a fabulous time, and I'm looking forward to the rest of your adventures!
"Auntie" Sandy

denise said...

Hi Erin. I have just found your blog by following a link from Finding ME.

Really enjoyed browsing your blog,

I too am a Parisophile from England and try to visit Paris around every six weeks. I can identify with a lot of your feelings about Paris and living there. So pleased you are finally trying your dream.

I have been a bit limited at present as my husband has been ill, but I am hoping to visit Paris again on June 13th..

I also have a blog.

Is the Sandy above the dognapper from Iowa?

Love Denise