Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The last six weeks in Paris I have resisted thinking about tomorrow and instead I focused on each beautiful moment and what it's felt like to live my dream.  But tomorrow Chris arrives and I am thinking about tomorrow and excited for our sixteen days in Paris together.

Still one of my favourite Paris pictures!
We have never been apart from each other for so long.  Last June was a new record when I attended a four night conference in Wyoming.  I don't like being away from Chris and each separation leaves me counting the hours until we are together again.  There was a part of me that expected I wouldn't last the six weeks and would return home early.  There was another part of me that expected Chris would arrive unannounced in the middle of a Paris night.  And I know we both had moments where those things crossed our minds.

Paris has been a constant in our relationship almost from the day we met.  We have spent our entire marriage dreaming about Paris and this experience was the first step in our "five year plan to live in Paris."  While I have physically been here alone, this was a plan that we embraced together and wouldn't be remotely possible without Chris' support.  I am going to spend the rest of my life trying to thank him. 

Truthfully I haven't reflected much on this experience and whether I feel changed.  Paris has felt like home from the first night I arrived.  I know I feel less anxious and more confident.  I also feel, with no reservations, that Paris where we are meant to be and achieving that goal will remain a priority.  I have not been disappointed; Paris remains perfect to me even with its less desirable bits and idiosyncrasies.   I can't imagine feeling so vital and inspired anywhere else in the world but Paris.

The next phase of our Paris adventure starts tomorrow.

Couples in love...

Last night I caught some sun - finally! -on one of the double loungers set up for Les Berges.  On the lounger next to me lay an older couple noisily cuddling and kissing.  As soon as they arranged themselves, she unbuttoned the top buttons of his sweat stained dress shirt and stuck her hands in for a good grope.  Her grey hair was short and springy and she was wearing a rumpled white linen ensemble.  His brown socks were patterned with turquoise polka dots.  They were laughing and whispering like they were the only two people in Paris.  So insulated and unselfconscious.  They reminded me of what I imagined Paul and Julia Child would have been like together in Paris. 

Things you should never do in Le Petit Cler...

Remove your plastic Ziploc bag full of bran and using your travel teaspoon scoop two heaping spoonfuls into your freshly squeezed orange juice.

Things writing geeks buy at Les Soldes...

A leather wallet especially designed to hold pens and pencils.  I think it's so chic!  


debbie in toronto said...

Bonjour...found your blog last week and love it. Completely understand your love for Paris.

Was lucky to go 3 times over the past 5 years and can't wait to get back..until then you are just about the next best thing...enjoy.

Jennifer S. Morris said...

Very near Le Petit Cler is a Starbucks. They won't care if you eat your bran . . . maybe buy a coffee, first.