Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Paris...

Dear Paris:

I can't believe it has been nearly fifteen months since we have last seen each other. Though some may argue that you are a love to be had only once in a lifetime I know better. And I will be with you in a few short weeks.

The anticipation is agonizing. I wake up with your name on my lips, my heart racing and my mind full of all the firsts that we will experience again together. I will never grow tired of admiring your beauty be it your art, your food or your style. I think of your sweet smell; the scent of your heated cobblestones mingling with your parfumeries and your boulangeries and I cannot wait to feel the weight of my limbs caress your endless and enchanting boulevards.

Paris, I have missed you so much.

I admit this past year I have fallen more in love with you. I have given myself up to the idea of existing in this perpetual state of longing that intensifies at the slightest provocation; a CNN shot of the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve or finding a crumpled metro ticket in the pocket of my LV. I talk about you endlessly.

Paris, I hope you don't think I am foolish for loving you so much. I sometimes think it was my destiny to feel this way about you. At age 11, I was given two gifts from my grandmere: a small, silver Eiffel Tower pin and a French copy of Le Magicien d'Oz. It was the first time I remember hearing your name and I understood right away that you were something special, something to aspire to, and that you would be the city of my dreams.

Don't worry I have lived a happy life this year waiting to return to you. Sacrifices have been made to allow me this luxury but they were all made for the most important thing: Love.

Paris, you are love.

Toujours mon amour,


Licette NJ How said...

Oh what a love affair you are having Erin- your passion inspires me to do my stuff and believe in the things I think are important- bless you for being a constant lover and faithful to your love- that is reality and this is as good as it gets.
20 sleeps!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

You have got the right attitude...can't wait to read all bout your Paris affair!

Adrienne said...


I think I may have found someone as nuts about Paris as I am. I call it a "Paris-ite" and it is incurable!
I am envious of your upcoming trip. I haven't been to Paris since October 2008, is that when you were there last? My husband and I are planning to go again, hopefully sooner than later (the poor guy).
I'll be checking in to hear about your upcoming trip.