Thursday, June 13, 2013

Almost Perfect

My day started out perfectly.  

I finally got over myself and into my very North American pink Nike running shorts and oversized Aasics.  I joined other runners and early bird tourists and looped around Champ de Mars park, crossed over to the right bank, ran the stairs at Trocadéro before heading home over Pont Alexandre III.  It was so peaceful and the views were so beautiful that I almost didn't mind getting that sweaty in Paris.  

I had a lunch date in Montmartre at Jeanne B with some fellow Canadians who were incredibly friendly and incredibly accomplished.  I spent an enjoyable few hours laughing, getting inspired and eating a lobster croque-monsieur (don't hate me!).  There was delicious wine and a chocolate salted caramel mousse for dessert.  Afterwards I stayed to explore the area and found some great vintage and stock stores.  I got away from the tourists and the bronze Eiffel Tower keychain hawkers and started to see the charm of the area.  I tried on this stunning,  to-die-for dress at Les Petites and somehow managed not to buy it.  I felt fantastic wearing it but don't have any use in my "real life" for a black silk backless dress with a peekaboo gold sequined mini skirt. 

Stairs at the Absesses métro station
All I had to do was get myself home on the métro from Absesses.  An easy 20 minute ride and that's when I got reminded - it happens at least once a trip - that Paris can totally kick your ass.  Somehow in my Old Navy ballerinas and my stretched out beige cardigan, I managed to attract the attention of one of those annoyingly persistent French men that don't understand "Non!" or "No!"  I finally got rid of him but it was frustrating and a bit unsettling.  I am now snuggled into my apartment, wearing an even less glamorous outfit of black Lululemon pants with an old pink t-shirt, and plan to watch season 4 of The Rachel Zoe Project on iTunes while eating a bag of Monoprix frites nature.  

And I I thought I had Paris figured out - Silly Canadian! Clearly I forgot to put on my Frenchy Bitchface this morning. 

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After Fifty / Sylvia said...

Oh no...don't let a crazy ruin your perfect day, they're everywhere!

This is actually one of the things that scare me about being on the other side of the world by myself. What if anything "bad" happens to me? Which is not logical because anything could happen anywhere but with my lack of French I wonder if I'd be able to stand for myself in a 'sticky' situation.

Oh well, such is life, and being in Paris I think is worth the risk.
And being aware of your surroundings is also smart.

Continue enjoying Paris and reporting back your daily experiences.

You write very well!