Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I had one of those days in Paris that wouldn't be possible in any other city: two markets, 6 scarves for 5 euros, a crêpe under the Eiffel Tower, second hand Louboutin shopping and a walk along Les Berges.  

My only plan today was to market at Marché Président Wilson but by the time I picked up my sliver of blue cheese and pint of paella the sun was finally shining so I decided to keep walking.  On the other side of the Eiffel Tower I found another market which was far less refined and noisy.  Along with fruit and cheese, bins were overflowing with tags-cut-out Petit Bateau t-shirts and stalls stocked with  shiny, PVC ballerinas.  Nothing cost over 10 euros.  I came across a bin full of scarves and happily dug in with other Parisians to find my six, silky treasures for 5 euros.  Perfect for accessorizing my entire black wardrobe!

Then I was off to explore Les Berges - a 2 kilometre stretch along the left side of the Seine.  Les Berges starts at Pont d'Alma and finishes at Musée d’Orsay and provides Parisians a space to exercise, relax and be entertained.  Today was children's day and there was a mini skate park, an art museum, a track and performers.  Children were captivated, not terrified, by a beat poet type performer dressed to look like the grim reaper.  He was shouting along to heavy sounding percussion and his face was hidden by a dark cloak.  He looked nothing like friendly Fred Penner or Raffi.  

Children's mobile art museum at Les Berges
On my way home from Les Berges, I stopped at a second hand store to try on a pair of black kitten heel Louboutin's.  They fit perfectly and I enjoyed a glide around the store before slipping them off.  A pair of shoes to dream about tonight!

French woman du jour...

At the market, a woman doing her shopping in a pink velour turban and matching pink lipstick.  She wore a multicoloured caftan and orthopedic shoes.  She walked purposefully down the centre of the market like it was her own private runway.  She was accompanied by a dirty Yorkshire Terrier dragging a soggy purple sock in its mouth.   

Tourists behaving badly...

Le Petit Cler ran out of croissants this morning.  My waitress offered lemon cake as a substitute to which the reply was, "Lemon cake?!  No croissant?!  I HATE lemons!"



Jennifer S. Morris said...

oooooh, I cringe when I hear about nasty, demanding Tourists. American? I know all cultures and all cities get ignorant bad behavior but I'm embarrassed when they are Americans.
Sometimes I pretended to not speak English. I must've looked less American because a French woman, driving by, slowed to ask ME directions.
Keep up the blogging Erin! a joy to read!

Erin said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you so much for reading and for your comments.

Let's just say the tourists were likely from somewhere in North America...

Don't you LOVE when a French person mistakes you for a local?! It makes me even more happy than I already am in Paris!

Warm regards,