Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I have traveled a long way to the most beautiful city in the world to sit at a desk and write.  And I am still figuring out the best way to make use of my precious time in Paris.

Yesterday I woke early and stayed inside writing until the late afternoon.  This schedule was my original plan in coming to Paris and one I thought I would easily maintain given my fondness for mornings.  But when I finally left the apartment, I was hungry and annoyed.  Hungry because I had been gnawing on a stale baguette smothered with apricot jam for most of the day and annoyed because I hadn't seen anything of Paris. 

View from Palais de Tokyo
I need to be disciplined but I also need to give myself room to experience Paris.  I have discovered I can write any time of the day and that my curiosity and excitement are giving me new energy.   I also know I won't be able to recreate what I am seeing here, and feeling here, when I am writing about Paris from Victoria. 

I spent most of today outside as the weather has finally turned warm and sunny.  I couldn't stay inside and luckily had a lunch date with an alumni professional who works at a university here.  It was wonderful to discuss work in Paris over warm goat cheese salads and wine!  And it was finally warm enough to wear a dress without shivering!

Fashion victim à la Chanel...

I stood in line for 30 worthwhile minutes yesterday for the Chanel No.5 exhibit at Palais de Tokyo.  I felt self-conscious wearing my Chanel sunglasses.  Several of my fellow line mates were carrying nasty fake, quilted bags with rusted chain shoulder straps and cracked "C's".  At the end of the line was a woman whose face had been so reconstructed she could barely see out of her own eyes.  She was draped in Chanel accessories and even had on a t-shirt that read, "I love Coco".  Black, silk camellia flower brooch, black pearl necklace, and giant black Mademoiselle bag slung over her shoulder.  All real except for her poor face.

What Parisians do on a Tuesday afternoon at 5...

Watch Roland-Garros on the big screen at l’Hôtel de Ville de Paris.  I spent about 15 minutes watching a match with a very animated crowd and will definitely be going back to watch the final on Sunday. 

Things tourists say...

"It's a ridiculous culture here!"

"I know all of this walking around is nice but I need to eat."



Jen Laubscher said...

A ridiculous culture??? Oh my gosh! No!!!!
Probably someone from my wonderful country...

After Fifty / Sylvia said...

Oh, don't waste your time inside an apartment, you can always write at night!!

There's so much to do and see in Paris, to me every minute is precious, especially if you're not staying there for too long.

Just my thoughts