Friday, June 21, 2013

One Day

Last night I attended a book launch for fellow Canadian Lily Heise at The Abbey Bookshop on rue de la Parcheminerie in the 5th.  Holding a plastic flute of Champagne, I listened to Lily read from her book, Je T'Aime, Me Neither, and imagined being in her place one day.

I rode the métro home from the event and it continues to be a source of amusement.  Despite promising otherwise to Chris, I confess that I put my iPod headphones on the moment I am through the turnstile and waiting on the platform.  Last night I witnessed two energetic performances: an accordion player (classic!) who stood so close to me his elbows poked my ribs when he pumped the bellows and a hip-hop duo with a portable synthesizer that bopped up and down in front of me like they were in an early Justin Bieber music video.  I had to bite my cheeks to keep from laughing and to keep my Frenchy Bitchface frozen.  

What's interesting is that Parisians seem to have a love/hate relationship with these performers.  A woman, who can only be described as fiercely beautiful, shot death stares at the accordion player during his four stops performance.  But she was the first passenger to dig her smooth, manicured hands through her pony hair Céline bag and applaud him with pièces.  Other Parisians quickly followed and I see it every time I take the métro.  Generally, and perhaps advisedly, tourists don't open their wallets on the métro.

It's been another lovely week in Paris and with every passing day I feel more connected to the city.  Paris still surprises me, excites me and moves me to tears.  There is no substitute and I won't stop chasing Paris until Chris and I can call the city our home. 

Perfect Paris moment...
My waitress brings me two slivers of dark chocolate with my café crème.  I noticed that the pages in my notebook are smudged with streaks of chocolate from my morning writing sessions at Le Petit Cler. Bliss!

What Parisians are talking about...
The weather and their upcoming vacations.  Every morning at Le Petit Cler, there is a lot of shrugging and sighing about the lack of sunshine. C'est froid!  Then someone will start talking about their upcoming vacation plans and voices change from defeated to excited.  This morning, I listened in on a long conversation about what room grandmère should be given in the summer house.

Still not Parisian...
I tripped on the métro this afternoon. Semi-gracefully, I managed not to sprawl and instead sat briefly on a skinny suited man's duffel bag.  Thank God it wasn't a Louis Vuitton Keepall! 



After Fifty / Sylvia said...

I'm just fascinated by your accounts of being in Paris, love it!
So tell me, after this time do you really, really feel you could live there on a permanent basis? Or are you disappointed about something (s) you didn't expect?
Keep posting!

Erin said...

Dear Sylvia,

If anything Paris, and this experience, has exceeded my expectations. I think my husband and I could live here very happily on a permanent basis or at least half of the year. I just feel so at home here and like the best version of myself. I love that Paris challenges me and I never fail to see something beautiful or new.